The perfect finishing spice for your delights Caviar Chili

Carefully handcrafted

The KOOURMEE Caviar Chili is cultivated with love and care in the Marchfeld in Austria.

At the beginning of the year the fastidious and demanding chili plant is carefully cultivated. In order to develop optimally, it requires perfect conditions for germination, requiring a lot of attention and sensitivity. The original variety of our gourmet cultivation comes from Central America and needs a lot of warmth and care to feel comfortable.

Optimal conditions in the polymer tunnel

Until the summer the chili plants grow into bushes of about 1m in height.

The polymer tunnel protects against rain and wind and ensures that temperatures remain high. Vibrant foliage, small white star-shaped flowers and the first still green fruits are the best signs for a successful harvest in late summer and autumn.

Time for even more manual work

From the end of August, the ripening fruits turn orange, giving them their bright colour.

The harvest season takes several months, as only some of the fruits are ripe at any one time, with others still green as well as new flowers forming at the same time. The harvest is purely done manually. Each chili berry must be picked individually, ensuring the plant is not damaged. Harvesting season lasts till October or November at the latest when European autumn ends. The frost-sensitive chili plants do not survive the winter, so everything starts all over again in the new year.

Slowly and gently

As soon as the chilli is harvested, it is spread for air drying.

During this phase a large part of the weight evaporates and the KOOURMEE Caviar Chili unfolds its versatile aromas and taste dimensions. The bright orange colour of the berries remains and the KOOURMEE Caviar Chili gets its final look.

Extraordinary design

KOOURMEE is more than just culinary delights: it is a pleasure experience that you experience with all your senses, best enjoyed and celebrated in good company.

An exceptional product with an exceptional design: KOOURMEE Caviar Chili is packed by hand with the utmost care. Give yourself and other gourmets an unforgettable KOOURMEE moment.

Unbelievably fruity, with pleasant spiciness

Be ready to be surprised by the complexity of this exclusive luxury food. The KOOURMEE Caviar Chili is a pure natural product and is, as a finishing spice, perfectly suited to refine your KOOURMEE taste creations.

This special chili fits elegantly into any gourmet creation without masking other flavours. A culinary delight – For those who are looking for perfection!

Gourmet Gardeners

The Chili Experts

For Undine and Christoph Bauer, culinary enjoyment and experimental gardening are a way of life. The chili plantations of KOOURMEE Caviar Chili are a heart project and passion all year round.

“To us, plants are almost like family. Every step from seed to finished product is unique and always exciting.”

For the extraordinary quality and the exquisite taste we stand with our name.

Christoph Bauer & Undine Rau

Worth knowing

Chili Pass

At a size of no bigger than a pearl,
the KOOURMEE Caviar Chili surprises with exceptional taste.
It is the caviar among the chillies.


It is believed, that the first chilli varieties originated in Central and South America. We cultivated and refined them in the Marchfeld and developed the KOOURMEE Caviar Chili from them.


While classed as hot as cayenne pepper, the KOOURMEE Caviar Chili is characterized by its pleasantly rounded pungency.


Each chili berry passes through our hands an average of 5 times before it is refined for your taste creation.


While not larger than a pearl, the KOOURMEE Caviar Chili with its round shape and bright orange colour is exceptional among the otherwise elongated red chillies.

Smell and taste

The fruity scent of the berry is a pleasant surprise as soon as the product packaging is opened. The taste convinces with its fruity yet spicy aromas.


As a finishing spice, KOOURMEE Caviar Chili is suitable for all kinds of creations: Soup, fish, meat, cheese variation, dessert and much more.

I like to use the KOOURMEE Caviar Chili
in my culinary school as the crowning glory and
also like to give it away as a special gift.

Tina Urban, Schlemmerfee

I've always found chili too spicy.
Because of the biting hotness in my mouth I could not taste anything else.
KOOURMEE Caviar Chili is completely different:
It has a subtle, pleasant and fruity pungency that fades after a few minutes
while retaining its flavour.
Spicy food is finally a pleasure to eat!

Patrick Thiede, artist, CMO and bon vivant

The KOOURMEE Caviar Chili is a pure taste explosion.
Incredibly fruity and perfect for use in the kitchen.

Verena Bauer, young cook

Myth Chili

According to legends, the Aztecs and Maya used chilli as a luxury food in Central and South America over 8000 years ago. Christopher Columbus brought it to Europe as an exotic spice in the 15th century, where it was initially only available to the ruling elite.

It is said to have an aphrodisiac effect and is called a natural happiness and slimming agent, as it is said to release endorphins stimulating circulation and metabolism.

Der sagenumwobene KOOURMEE Caviar Chili.
Versatile use

Recipes with Chili


Koourmee Caviar Chili

The perfect finishing spice for your delights.
Exceptional fruitiness meets pleasant spiciness.
Natural and hand-picked.

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